I am currently buying rares only! Please send a list of all rares you want to sell, along with condition and set to

More expensive cards will have hi-res pictures requested. Once your sell list is reviewed, I will contact you with further details, including shipping address and cash/trade offer.

I will almost always beat any other buylist’s price.

I’m buying bulk rares at $0.10/rare.

I am also in search of Lord of the Rings TCG by Decipher.

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Drew Bates

Drew is a long-time Magic: The Gathering player and has been playing since Mercadian Masques He has several high-placing StarCityGames Open finishes and took home 7th place at the 2017 Nationals tournament. Drew does Magic card alterations including acrylic extensions, foil transfers, and foil alters.

Drew Bates

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