Magic: Origins

The time has finally come! The last core set, and the entire thing has been spoiled! Wow, this is a pretty strong set! Here are some of my favorite cards!

Archangel of Tithes
I feel like this is one of the creatures that control needed. This plus Ojutai and a fistful of control should get you where you want to be.

Celestial Flare
I am glad to see this card back. This will be main board in many control decks.

Knight of the White Orchid
This card was an all-star last time it was legal. 2/2 first strike plus an extra land – I’ll take it.

Tragic Arrogance
I think this card will be an immediate inclusion in almost all white EDH decks.

Artificer’s Epiphany
I can’t wait to utilize this draw spell to get rid of bad cards on the opponent’s end step.

Calculated Dismissal
This counterspell seems really good. For one mana more, you get a mana leak plus scry 2.

Harbinger of the Tides
4-mana flash 2/2 that bounces an attacker? Yup, I’ll take it.

Talent of the Telepath
This is one of the cards I’m most excited about. As a blue player, this gives me excited giggles. I feel like rebounding this with Narset is the deck I want to be playing. I really want to see what this thing does in the cube!

Erebos’s Titan
This guy seems awesome. Could Mono Black Devotion be back?

Infinite Obliteration
Really good black control card here. Got a problem creature? Not anymore!

Almost damnation in this format. Pretty sick.

Undead Servant
I feel like this could be sweet in a casual flicker or reanimator deck.

Avaricious Dragon
This dragon seems really good. I feel like he fits perfectly into red burn.

Embermaw Hellion
4/5 for 5 that increases your damage? OH, he also has trample…

Exquisite Firecraft
Sorcery Char without the downside. Also can be un-counterable.

Ravaging Blaze
Instant creature removal that can also dome-shot the opponent.

Animist’s Awakening
This seems like EDH gold. This also seems sweet in the cube. We’ll see…

Elemental Bond
Another sweet green EDH card. I feel like this immediately goes into Animar.

The Great Aurora
I cannot wait to throw this into the cube or EDH deck. This resets the game and can swing it hugely in your favor in a mana-heavy build.

Nissa’s Pilgrimage
Mono green ramp could be a thing. Still have Nythos and lots of good green cards.

Alhammarret’s Archive
I cannot wait to put this into EDH decks. Seems awesome!

Hangarback Walker
This card I think could make a great creature in standard. If it dies you still have dudes.

Pyromancer’s Goggles
Immediately going into red EDH decks all over the world.

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Drew Bates

Drew is a long-time Magic: The Gathering player and has been playing since Mercadian Masques He has several high-placing StarCityGames Open finishes and took home 7th place at the 2017 Nationals tournament. Drew does Magic card alterations including acrylic extensions, foil transfers, and foil alters.

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