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All Rare Draft is Underway!!!!

By Drew Bates, December 7, 2014 0 Uncategorized

We are off!!!! Round one is on its way and we have a couple brand new players playing each other, Cliff and James! Who will win??? Find out later!

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Bring this coupon with you to get the bonus!

By Drew Bates, December 5, 2014 0 Unboxing

I unboxed 6 packs of Modern Masters! I got two foil rares, but which ones??? Watch the video to find out!

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First battle between Mardu and Jeskai! Who will the victor be???

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I’m super stoked about this site! Things are falling into place! Keep looking for more and more! We now have the ability to sign up for accounts! If you want to contribute to the site, let me know and I… Read More »


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SwingForLethal is dedicated to getting you the cards you want at a cheaper price than the other guys.  I’m starting this as a fun project to do on the side. I want to provide a way to get the sweet… Read More »